Phonics Blocks Released

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So I have finally developed and deployed a mobile application/game. I do not expect tremendous revenue from it but it was definitely a good learning experience. Currently it’s only available on the Google Play store. If it gets any amount of interest I will release it on other devices (Kindle and iOS). Releasing on other platforms should be fairly simple since it is an Adobe Air app, which I have mixed feeling about. It is nice to develop once and release everywhere but adding native extensions is a pain to develop and test. I think my next app will not be a game and instead be done in native Android SDK.

Adobe Air is good for game development since some of the code can be quite complex and a pain to maintain in two languages. For this app I used Starling to do the graphics rendering with Stage3D which is a bit faster than the standard stage. I also used the AS3 version of Box2D for all of the physics. The app is still in development and I am working on finishing the third type of game in it. So anyway go ahead and check it out in the Play store.

Phonics Blocks