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Scrolling Menus

Recently my brother came to me with some issues he was having with dropdown menu. He was using a standard un-ordered list to organize the links but he had so many links that he needed to make sub-and sub-sub-menus scroll.

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Blowing the Dust Off

I have gone ahead and given the site a face lift. The new theme is still very early in development. My aim was to simplify the site a bit and to make it responsive. I would still love to do a lot more flashy things when I have more time. I also want to try and post some new content since the site is very stale.

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Phonics Blocks Released

So I have finally developed and deployed a mobile application/game. I do not expect tremendous revenue from it but it was definitely a good learning experience. Currently it’s only available on the Google Play store. If it gets any amount of interest I will release it on other devices (Kindle and iOS).


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