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Mobile Development

Over the past few weeks I have been debating mobile application development. Should apps be developed naitivly or should you use a 3rd party software to create an app that can be deployed on multiple phone platforms. I have come to the conclusion that it depends mainly on what you are building.

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Bézier Curves

I was working with bézier curves the other day for a flash animation and need a way to compute points along the curve. It is very easy to draw a bézier curve in actionscript with two lines of code.

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SyntaxHighlighter Drupal Setup

SyntaxHighlighter is a pretty neat and widely used JavaScript Library to display code in an easy to read manner on a web page. There is a Drupal module out there to incorporate this script. By adding it as a plugin it creates extra processing on the server and can easily be added manually with a theme.


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