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Photoshop Fractal Tutorial

You can develop fractal like images by using a variety of techniques in Photoshop. One great tool is the use of actions which allows you to repeat a process over and over. 

Here are a few examples of using actions in a repetative process to develop a fairly complex image from a simple image 

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Fake Fractals

So the other day I was side tracked and started looking into fractals. It was a little boring till I stumbled upon a video tutorial on how to make a fake fractal in Photoshop. I am not sure I am into making fractals but it did give me some ideas to play a little in Photoshop.

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NEW Web Site

Welcome to the “New” Sharper Concepts LLC website. It has been a long time coming and I have finally had enough time to get this started. My plan is to blog often enough so that this web site becomes interesting. Mainly I will be doing technical blogging on how to do a variety of system admin and programming tasks.


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